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Don’t settle for a basement wall treatment that won’t hold up over time. It’s better to do the job right so you won’t have to do it over. We know walls, inside and out! Give Ram Jack - Columbia, MO a call today to get your Free  Evaluation.

Why Spartan Ram Jack?

As an industry leader offering multiple solutions, Spartan Ram Jack works with you to recommend the best solution for water intrusion problems. We start with a professional, on-site evaluation to determine the issues affecting your basement before recommending repair options. Our solutions include: Wall Tie Back Solutions, Carbon Fiber Support, Correcting Leaning & Bowing Walls, Installing Retaining Wall, Seawalls and Egress Windows.

If you notice any signs a leaking, wet basement or cracked, bulging or bowing foundation walls, request a free evaluation by calling Spartan Ram Jack today at 573-273-3959.

Leaky, Wet Basement? Bulging or Bowing Basement Walls?

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Waterproofing Services

Next Step: Your Professional Evaluation


Contact Spartan Ram Jack Foundation Repair, Waterproofing and Concrete Lifting today and set up an appointment for a no-cost, no-obligation on-site evaluation! 


Our Project Managers will review your entire foundation looking for active water leaks, water-stained walls, basement floor and wall cracks, uneven sidewalks/driveways, and damp basements.

They will take elevations of your foundation, analyze where water is entering your home, along with determining external drainage paths for rainwater and gutter runoff.

All these things can cause foundations to leak and fail.  They will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and affordable options to fix the cause of the problem.  The project manager will also review a variety of financing options available to fit almost any budget. 

  • Boonville, MO

  • California, MO

  • Camdenton, MO

  • Clark, MO

  • Columbia, MO

  • Fulton, MO

  • Gravois Mills, MO

  • Hartsburg, MO

  • Henley, MO

  • Holts Summit, MO

  • Huntsville, MO

  • Jefferson City, MO

  • Linn Creek, MO

  • Mexico, MO

  • Moberly, MO

  • Montgomery City, MO

  • New Bloomfield, MO

  • Osage Beach, MO

  • Rocky Mount, MO

  • St Robert, MO

  • Sturgeon, MO

  • Sweet Springs, MO

  • Vandalia, MO

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Columbia Basement & Wall Solutions



What do basement walls, retaining walls, and seawalls have in common? They all need to be strong enough to hold back nature.

Unfortunately, nature always fights back and walls can end up weakened or damaged as a result. If you have exposed concrete walls in your basement, you know that they’re cold, damp & unattractive. Painting a concrete wall can improve the appearance of your basement, but you’re still left with a surface that’s cold, damp, and prone to peeling and leaking.

Building wood-frame walls inside your foundation walls and finishing them with drywall is a recipe for disaster in the form of mold and moisture damage. So what is the answer?

Ram Jack - Columbia, MO has several options to get your wall back in fighting shape. We know the difference between a wall that needs a little TLC, and a wall that needs major repairs. We also know that great drainage can mean the difference between a damp basement and a dry one, it is the difference between a sturdy wall and one that will be falling down in a few years. No matter what you’re seeing, Ram Jack - Columbia, MO can fix it.

Remember, it’s always easier (and less expensive) to fix a wall that has moved slightly, versus a wall that has moved several inches. If you are worried about wall movement or are seeing signs of excessive erosion around a retaining wall or seawall, give us a call at 573-273-3959.

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