Our expertise isn’t limited to inside! How water moves through your yard is also incredibly important. Ram Jack St. Louis can make sure all the water that used to get into your basement is collected and sent a safe distance away. We can also identify grading problems and help to shape your yard, so water flows away from your home. Retaining walls can be an important component of water direction as well as erosion mitigation.

Why Spartan Ram Jack?

Protect your largest investment from foundation failure with trusted solutions by Spartan Ram Jack. We are an industry leader with a variety of repair solutions including, Wall Tie Back Solutions, Carbon Fiber Support, Correcting Leaning & Bowing Walls, installing Retaining Wall Solutions, Seawall Solutions, and Egress Windows.  

If you notice cracks in your basement foundation wall, water intrusion or leaning, bowing or bulging walls, call us at 314-470-4746 for free evaluation today!

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Our consultants take digital elevations of your home and will discuss the evaluation with you in detail. If foundation damage is discovered, our Spartan Ram Jack consultant will provide you with affordable options to stop damaging settlement permanently. Spartan Ram Jack also has a variety of financing options available to fit almost any budget.

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St. Louis Basement & Wall Solutions



We have 40 years of experience in restoring basement foundations with industry-leading solutions.

Despite the numerous ways basements are built, the variety of materials used and the changes that happen from season to season, all foundation issues are essentially movement or component related. Walls can be pushed in or drop, settling causes cracks, inferior materials cause walls to crumble. Any combination of issues can leave an opening for water to get into your basement. Whatever is happening, we’ve seen your problem or one very similar to it.

This experience means we can easily identify when a home needs braces, or tieback anchors. We know when a crack is caused by settling, and when it’s pointing to a bigger issue. We can find how that water is mysteriously getting in and stop it before it causes bigger issues like mold. Our Ram Jack St. Louis Foundation Experts will take the time to analyze the problem and determine the best way to fix it. If you have multiple estimates recommending different repairs, we can also explain why we believe our repair is the Best Solution.

If you notice any signs of a wet, leaky basement or bowing, bulging or leaning basement walls, call Spartan Ram Jack Today for your Free, On-Site Evaluation 314-470-4746.

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