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Interior Drain Systems

Interior Drainage Systems are designed to collect leaking water before it comes onto the floor and damages the contents of your home or building. They are typically installed at the floor/wall joint or under floor slabs and direct water to a sump system. Interior drain systems are also effective if you have severe cracking or multiple leak sources.

A great option in many situations is our interior leak repair system. Our specially designed SafeDrainTM interior drainage system gives you a lifetime warrantied solution for your basement water problems without the mess and damage of exterior excavation. Compared to similar systems, our SafeDrainTM channel has a lower profile, which allows for a thicker finished floor when the job is complete. This allows you to get the maximum water flow, while maintaining the integrity of your basement floor. When used with the optional SafeWall wall panels, our system leaves you with a clean, finished appearance.

  1. Concrete is removed around the perimeter of the affected walls.

  2. Dirt, gravel, and other debris are cleaned off the exposed footing.

  3. SafeDrainTM system is installed in the newly created channel.

  4. SafeDrainTM system is connected to the sump system.

  5. Maximum concrete thickness is restored.

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