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Waterproofing Solutions

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Why Basement Leaks Are So Common

Many basements are built below the local water table level, creating a low-pressure space that lures groundwater. This will leave your basement and home’s foundation vulnerable to leaks and sitting pools of water year-round. Some basements are built above the water table but are not appropriately protected, flooding during heavy rains. This is often true for basements with drainage systems that suffer from natural wear and tear. Whatever the reason behind the water in your basement, we are skilled and equipped to make lasting repairs.

Get your home back to a safe, healthy, livable space. Rely on Spartan Ram Jack for custom basement waterproofing solutions. A Spartan Ram Jack consultant can evaluate your home and basement to determine the best waterproofing solution for you. A correct diagnosis is a critical step to determine the correct foundation repair. Rely on the foundation repair experts. Rely on Spartan Ram Jack!


After a heavy rain, if the water goes from your roof directly to your foundation, it can lead to foundation problems. When they are working properly your rain gutters should catch and maneuver the water away from your foundation. It is important to check your rain gutters frequently and make sure there is no blockage and that they are working properly. When there is no blockage in them, the rain should be moving freely through the gutter. If you don’t have gutters installed, we recommend that you get them installed as soon as possible. They will go a long way in improving the drainage around your home.

Drainage Improvements

Proper grading around your foundation keeps water from pooling up causing leaks or structural damage.  There are several ways to divert surface water:

  • French Drains

  • Swales

  • Retaining Walls

  • Grading Improvements

  • Gutter/Downspout Management

Interior Drainage Systems are designed to collect leaking water before it comes onto the floor and damages the contents of your home or building. They are typically installed at the floor/wall joint or under floor slabs and direct water to a sump system. Interior drain systems are also effective if you have severe cracking or multiple leak sources.

A great option in many situations is our interior leak repair system. Our specially designed interior drainage system gives you a lifetime warrantied solution for your basement water problems without the mess and damage of exterior excavation. Compared to similar systems, our channel has a lower profile, which allows for a thicker finished floor when the job is complete. This allows you to get the maximum water flow while maintaining the integrity of your basement floor. When used with the optional wall panels, our system leaves you with a clean, finished appearance.

  1. Concrete is removed around the perimeter of the affected walls.

  2. Dirt, gravel, and other debris are cleaned off the exposed footing.

  3. Our system is installed in the newly created channel.

  4. Our system is connected to the sump system.

  5. Maximum concrete thickness is restored.

Interior Drain Systems


In many cases, exterior excavation and waterproofing is the best way to solve your basement leak issues. In this situation, our experienced technicians excavate the soil from the exterior of the wall and install a high-quality waterproofing and drainage system. This will prevent the water from entering your walls and remove the water away from the house. When we have completed the installation, the soil is filled in and compacted.


True basement waterproofing is accomplished only by exterior excavation to the bottom of the foundation, installing proper drainage and treating the walls to prevent water from entering.

Let it in and pump it out, or keep it out altogether – this is the main difference between waterproofing and water control

Exterior Waterproofing



It sounds elegant but, it is nothing more sophisticated than a gravel-lined ditch with an embedded pipe that carries water away from the home.  Originated in France, French drain systems were the earliest forms for preventing water damage. French drains were used to help redirect water away from foundations and prevent homes from water damage.

Whereas gutters collect precipitation as it runs off the roof, French drains manage water at ground level. Let us say that after a rainstorm, water tends to pool in a particular low spot on your property. Rerouting the flow of water with a French drain would alleviate that problem.

A French drain also provides a solution for basements that admit water through the foundation. In these “wet” basements, water presses against the foundation and gradually leaks through. With a French drain, however, water near the foundation can be rerouted and deposited elsewhere.

If water continues to invade your basement despite seemingly adequate outdoor drainage, then you might need to install a French drain indoors. Installation involves cutting a trench in the basement slab along the perimeter of the foundation, laying pipe in the trench, and putting in a sump pump to move water.

French Drains


Crack Repair

For concrete foundations, water usually doesn't cause damage directly. Most of the time, the damage comes indirectly from changes in the pressure of surrounding soil. This means that the "time factor" is dependent on water-related events. Damage will likely happen more quickly where there are more seasonal changes, more rainfall, more drainage problems, and more moisture in the soil. Damage may happen more slowly with soil that does not experience much expansion from rainfall, flooding, or other events. Ultimately, damage to a foundation can begin in the first year of a home's life if water is not correctly diverted away from the home.

For a simple leaking crack with no structural impact, a quick-and-easy urethane injection will stop that intrusive water. First, your Spartan Ram Jack service technician will seal the outside of the crack and install injection ports in the seal. Next, the two parts of the urethane mixture will be injected through the ports. As the components combine, they will expand to fill even the smallest offshoots of the main crack. Top-to-bottom, inside-to-outside. After the injection cures, the urethane remains flexible so it can move even when your foundation is shifting due to seasonal changes. And, within an hour (per crack) your basement is dry again!



Your Local Waterproofing Experts

Spartan Ram Jack specializes in foundation solutions, including problems caused by water intrusion and drainage issues. The effects of water damage can be detrimental to your home's structure and your health. Excessive moisture can lead to a damp, wet environment inside your house or basement resulting in dangerous mold and mildew. Contacting an experienced waterproofer at the first sign of a basement leak can help restore your home's foundation and healthy living space.

As a local waterproofing company, we take the time to evaluate water and drainage problems in and around your home and basement. For leaking and standing water or damp, musty conditions inside your home, rely on our team of waterproofing consultants in Kansas City AreaSt. Louis Area, Mid-Missouri Area, Central & West Kansas, and surrounding areas.


Get started with a Free, On-Site Evaluation by calling 866-806-7177.

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Signs of a Leaking Basement

A damp basement is a hazard to your health and home. If you have noticed cracks or signs of excessive water in your basement, give the Spartan Ram Jack team a call right away. Here are some clues that your basement may have a leak:

  • Wood rot

  • Standing water

  • Mold

  • Musty smell

  • Insects & bugs that are attracted to moisture

  • Water-stained walls

If you notice any of these signs, you may have a structural flaw allowing water to seep in. Leaks should be attended to swiftly. If left untreated, a leak can compromise your home’s foundation, leading to much larger, more expensive issues. However, with Spartan Ram Jack nearby, there is no need to panic! We can get your basement waterproofed in no time.

Call Spartan Ram Jack at 866-806-7177. for a free evaluation.

signs of a leaking basement- floor cracks- foundation wall- sump pump- window well

Waterproofing Services

Next Step: Your Professional Evaluation


Contact Spartan Ram Jack Foundation Repair, Waterproofing and Concrete Lifting today and set up an appointment for a no-cost, no-obligation on-site evaluation! 


Our Project Managers will review your entire foundation looking for active water leaks, water-stained walls, basement floor and wall cracks, uneven sidewalks/driveways, and damp basements.

They will take elevations of your foundation, analyze where water is entering your home, along with determining external drainage paths for rainwater and gutter runoff.

All these things can cause foundations to leak and fail.  They will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and affordable options to fix the cause of the problem.  The project manager will also review a variety of financing options available to fit almost any budget. 


Water is one of the most destructive forces on your foundation and home. Water does not just sneak in through leaking cracks in the foundation, it can also come up through floor cracks or floor/wall seams and seep through basement doors and window frames. Hydrostatic pressure or buildup increases pressure on your foundation causing wall cracks, bowing walls, leaning walls, and leaking walls. Drainage problems can create voids under your slabs and crack your floors.

We are pleased to offer several solutions to these basement leak and foundation problems, including Interior Drainage​ Systems, Exterior Waterproofing Systems, Drainage Improvement & Crack Injection.

Call Spartan Ram Jack today at 866-806-7177 to get started with a professional, on-site evaluation!

We Are an Industry Leader with Multiple Waterproofing Solutions

Sump Pump & Battery Backup Systems

Sump Pump & Battery Backup Systems

A professionally installed sump system can quickly and quietly drain water beneath a slab. Spartan Ram Jack installs only high-capacity cast iron submersible pumps to ensure long life. Our sump wells are available with a reinforced bolted lid to allow for foot traffic should your sump system be placed in a finished area. They are also sealed to prevent unpleasant or harmful odors from coming up through the lid.

For your ultimate peace of mind, we install only the best sump pumps available. Our professional installers will place your sump pump system in the optimum location to ensure that the water which accumulates under and around your basement is taken as far away from your home as possible. Spartan Ram Jack offers several different systems which include battery back-ups and maintenance free batteries. We also offer “traffic rated” systems which can be carpeted over and safely walked on, to give you the best performance with the versatility to integrate the sump system into your finished basement.

Battery Back-Up units are available for sump systems. This is often a nice inexpensive "insurance" against power or pumps failure. Backup systems are comprised of a secondary pump, a backup battery supply, and an AC charging block. In correctly sizing a backup unit, we recommend a flow rate no less than two-thirds of your primary pump. It does no good to have a backup if it will not keep up with the flow during a rain event.

Battery Backup Units
sump-pump-Battery Backup Units
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