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Our Trusted Waterproofing Services

At Spartan Ram Jack St. Louis, we install waterproofing products that incorporate cutting-edge breakthroughs in basement waterproofing technology to ensure your water problems disappear. 

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Our consultants take digital elevations of your home and will discuss the evaluation with you in detail. If foundation damage is discovered, our Spartan Ram Jack consultant will provide you with affordable options to stop damaging settlement permanently. Spartan Ram Jack also has a variety of financing options available to fit almost any budget.

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 Basement Waterproofing St. Louis


Basement Wall Leak

Why Are Basement Leaks So Common? 

In St. Louis, basement leaks & Basement flooding are common due to the high water table and cold winters. This combination causes moisture to accumulate in the soil surrounding a home, which can then seep into the basement. The clay-like soil in the area further contributes to the issue, as it tends to expand and contract with changes in temperature and moisture levels.


Basements built below the local water table level face an even greater risk, as a low-pressure space is created that lures groundwater. Additionally, basements that are not adequately protected above the water table can experience flooding during heavy rainfalls. If you're experiencing water in your basement, don't hesitate to contact Spartan Ram Jack for a free & highly recommended basement waterproofing inspection in St. Louis. Call us today at 314-470-4746.

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Do You Have a Wet, Leaky Basement?

Beyond threatening the integrity of your home, exposure to certain strains of mold can cause severe asthma, lung issues, skin problems, and allergies. This is why a dry basement is critical to protecting your property and your family's health. If you notice any signs of a wet, leaking basement, request a free evaluation by calling Spartan Ram Jack today at 314-470-4746


Waterproofing Services

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